Ghost know all about the site and game , he is in game as well , he is good and bad character of the game , Ghost is playing as marshal , HIS WORD IS LAST , Ghost can play as one player or withe a any team , if you will take him as the prisoner , he can join you team for 30 min, or give you some info about enemy or you can use him as a point he is worth 4 points . Hit ghost can go back to game after when he is treat by another player or use any respawn on the site .


– watch – rope – medic band – death rag – good boots – hydration system – snacks –



Some small changes . I like to write about errors caused by players during the game, this will improve the next game :

We play this game without the break , if you think you are tired or you want to do something what is not right or broke the rules , that is a time for your break or try to do the task one more time correctly respect the game and your colleagues .
All the cheater will be given attention, the team will lose points for not following the rules of the game from 5-10 depending on the error. Not picking hits will be discussed before the game. The ghosts will also play the role of marshals, their opinion is final on disputable matters. The disputed situations will be discussed at the end of the game by players and marshals.


– players needs to waiting 5 min bleeding time …

– players have to use medic strap and death rag 
when are hit

– players need to carry notebook ONLY in the case 

– each player need to stay one minute in the zone during 
collecting the points

– each player have to sing them self the zone and time.

– each player need to do a task them self and write the
answer in the note book ,without the help

– prisoners before taken have to be medic , secure all
replicas , and use the rope to escort the player for 30 min

– players have to respect the clocks zones , to go back to game.

– players can’t join another team or play together with another players,this is rule for ONLY ghosts.

– players are treating another players with full respect as them self

Say Hellov For Bob New Game Player

New Game Player

Well players this Bob , he was with us in the game Operation Pheonix and now returns to the game Manhunt , 16 days left until the next game, as it is already in the tradition of this game will be slightly changed to make it more difficult the game for players , the plan is that in some zones players will need to do perform tactical or logical tasks and only after their dissolution will the zone be able to pass , we will continue to catch prisoners for whom they will be points , but the prisoners will perform any task , not all zones will get tasks now , in other zones if there will be no instructions , passing points will be as before. Our task is to make the game more difficult and the way of passing points , the team will spent more time on the task , and the task would allow the distraction attention with the main tasks of the team . In the next games , all zones will have tactical and logical tasks and and all task will be change with regard to zones and editions of the games , good luck.