The first Airsoft League in Ireland

Players are advised to have the following:
  • Death rag,
  • Tourniquet,
  • Radio,
  • A form of time keeping (e.g. watch or phone)
  • Any form of restraint for prisoners (e.g. rope or zip tie) 
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Manhunt Airsoft Team Competition
The Manhunt game is for teams or for individual players to form a new team on the day of the game. We have 5-6 teams. Teams can't play together and they can't share any information about the zones and game , only ghost can give some information when is a prisoner , this is his the rule. Each team has 5 players. To win the game they need to score points in the zones. The team with the most points , wins!











Ghosts the best players on the site who has the highest number of silent kills, they are looking after the forest and they are playing against all other players , they know all numbers of the zones, and might to help you , if you will take them as the prisoners , they can join you team for 30 min, or tell you the number of they zone , or give you another info about enemy .Hit ghost can respawn any respawn place on the site. He is worth 4 points.


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Prisoner Rules

When your enemy is bleeding out you may take them prisoner after you heal them. Prisoners can be told to hold a tie wrap or loop of rope etc to represent their hands being bound. (Not a C.A.T or stick!) Players with “bound hands” can’t use them unless they can cut the loop or are released by other players. Heal the bleeding out player using medic rules to stop his bleed out time. All discovered weapons are to be made safe by the captured player. If prisoner escapes they may not use weapons for 5 minutes.


On the site we have 10 zones
All players know where the zones are, but they don't know the numbers of the zones. Before the game the captains of each team choose the numbers of the zones which must be followed in order during the game. Teams can't skip the numbers of zones. Each player on your own team is worth one point. If he gets to the proper zone and stays safe for one minute he will get one point. If he is hit, he must be treated by the medic to continue collecting points. Every player from another team is worth 2 points, every hunter player is worth 3 points, the ghost is worth 4 points .
Hit Rules

 When player is hit : he needs to shout loud hit , lift his hand up as hit ,next to put red tag on his head , and sit down on the ground in this same place where was hit ( cant move ) this bleeding time is 5 min , player during this time should have his hands up and head down ..this will make another players sure that he is out of the game .Players should have watches to control the time 5 min, if not they need to count to 250 sec. after this time they need to go to nearest respawn

Mission Briefing

Before the game starts each team is given a case with a combination lock on it, teams will randomly pick out of a hat the location where they start from. the initial task is to travel around the site to each zone and locate the number designated to the zone, there will be two numbere that aren't at the zones (E.g. 1 and 2) these numbers are used twice in the combination for you lock (E.g. 2112). once opened the second task is your team must hunt for prisoners to gain points, once you have caught prisoner(s) they must be transferred to a zone and held there for 5 minutes (1 point per prisoner, 2 per ghost) the prisoner fills in the sheet inside the case. You can have multiple prisoners in the zone at the same time for the 5 minutes. Teams can use zones in whatever order they want but must use all zones before they can use the same one again
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We are playing medic rules. There are 4 bases with the clocks , where are the 3 zones red and 3 zones white . Bases can be captured by your team , and be changed to your response using the flag of your team, there is One emergency response for all players ..the winning team is the team with the highest number of points.
We try don’t take a prisoners awaiting in the respowns but this is not the rule , it’s to easy but you can , its up to your team tactic if you are going to protect your players waiting in the respawn, red zone on the clock you wait , white you back to game. If you see enemy player in the respawn you can take him only when he is in game , awaiting player should have red tag on his head during the bleeding or awaiting time , head is more seen part of the body where red tag should be placed. 


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