The first Airsoft League in Ireland

Players are advised to have the following:
  • Death rag,
  • Tourniquet,
  • Radio,
  • A form of time keeping, (e.g. watch or phone)
  • 4 Flags
  • Any form of restraint for prisoners (e.g. rope or zip tie) 
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Mission Briefing

Before the game starts each team is given a case with a combination lock on it, teams will randomly pick out of a hat the location where they start from. the initial task is to travel around the site to each zone and locate the number designated to the zone there are 10 zones, 8 will have numbers 2 won't. There will be two numbers that aren't at the zones (E.g. 1 and 2) these numbers are used twice in the combination for you lock (E.g. 2112). once opened the second task is your team must hunt for prisoners to gain points, once you have caught prisoner(s) they must be transferred to a zone and held there for 5 minutes (1 point per prisoner, 2 per ghost) the prisoner fills in the sheet inside the case. You can have multiple prisoners in the zone at the same time for the 5 minutes. Teams can use the zones in whatever order they want BUT MUST USE ALL 10 ZONES BEFORE THEY CAN USE THE SAME ZONE AGAIN.
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Ghosts are in game marshals, they have no alliances with any team, if they are captured, teams can use them as prisoners to gather points, they can join your team for 30 min or they can give info on objective afterwards they go to re-spawn. Dead ghost’s can re-spawn at any re-spawn point on the site. As marshals if they witness any cheating or unsportsmanlike behaviour they will deduct points from that team. Their word is final 

Manhunt Airsoft Team Competition
The Manhunt game is a one day event played each month, it is league based with the teams collecting points. The team with the most points at the end of the season is awarded a trophy.









Hit Rules

 Ricochets and friendly fire do count.

Knife kill is a silent kill and you must remain silent (can’t call for medic).

Grenades have a 3 metre kill radius unless behind solid cover. Grenade is considered ‘fatal’ (can’t be medic)

If primary gun is hit call “gun hit” and switch to secondary, or return to re-spawn

When player is hit : he needs to shout “HIT”, lift his hand up as hit , next put death rag on there head and start 5 minute bleed out, wounded player shouldn’t move unless to get out of line of fire or moved into cover by alive player.

Dead men DON’T TALK! May only call for medic

If two players kill each other simultaneously and a marshal/Ghost is present, they can invoke a pistol duel to decide on who was shot first the Marshal will explain what to do in this situation.


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Medic Rules

1st Hit 5 minutes bleed out can be healed with a tourniquet, if not given medical attention within the 5 minutes you are dead.

2nd Hit Player bleeds out for 5 minutes and returns to re-spawn.

Alive player can move wounded player into cover to medic them (must be walking pace),

Alive player can’t use wounded player as a shield,

Wounded player can point to which pocket/pouch he keeps the tourniquet (no speaking).

The tourniquet is placed around a limp by the live player, no assistance by the wounded player,

The wounded player must take off his death rag to reenter the game. 


Prisoner rules

When your enemy is bleeding out you may take them as prisoner after they are healed with a tourniquet. All discovered weapons are to be made safe by the captured player, if prisoner escapes they may not use disarmed weapons for 5 minute. Prisoners can be told to hold a zip-tie or loop of rope to represent bound hands, player may escape if the loop is cut. Players can be killed while they are prisoner. Player may keep prisoners for a maximum of 30 minutes then after returns to re-spawn, if a prisoner is in a zone when their 30 minutes are up they must stay for the 5 mins then return to re-spawn to afterwards

There are 4 bases with the clocks (Fast game, Hospital, Camp David & Palawam). On the clocks they are marked white or white, when the minute hand is in the white you can return to game if in red you must wait. Bases can be captured by your team and be changed to your re-spawn by hanging your team flag in the base, you can take down another teams flag to stop them from using that zone. There is one emergency re-spawn for all players Camp Zodiac, the building is a safe zone no live players may enter, you can’t shoot in or out of the building either, if player goes to car park weither dead or alive they must go to camp zodiac to reenter the game. 
Dead players should have a death rag on their head during the bleed out or waiting time.


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